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The Day For Your Life

3 Day Yoga Retreat

The Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh for novices at Saraswati Yoga School offers you the excellent event, where you get to witness the physical, close to home, inside, and profound advantages of our yoga classes. You can find your inward strength by beginning your yoga trip with us. We offer you a yoga retreat where you'll appreciate asana and pranayama rehearses, yoga Nidra, yogic purification processes, and various thought ways.


Accommodation & Price Of Retreat


  • In a lavish setting, our yoga retreat personifies simplicity and purity.

  • Our interiors are decorated with traditional Indian architecture. Our ashram is surrounded by thick Himalayan jungles and verdant mountains, making it a haven for nature lovers. You are welcome to take your time watching a tranquil sunset thanks to our intimate connection to nature.

  • We warmly invite you into our stunning apartments, which are magnificently decorated in accordance with Indian traditional values. You will discover fully furnished rooms with heaters, air conditioners, blankets, soap, shampoo, and towels, as well as all contemporary amenities.

Price of Retreat

  • Double Sharing :- 9999 INR

  • Private :- 12999 INR

Note* 3 Days-2 Nights Retreat Stay (Can Extend to Many More Days)

5 Days Yoga Retreat

Do your thoughts and ideas continually race through your head, causing you to feel exhausted, stressed, and under pressure? If this is you, take a week or maybe a long weekend to pamper yourself and recharge your batteries. Spend some time getting to know yourself again. While we make time for everything else in the world, we are less self-aware. As a result, we may feel exhausted and unable to fully engage in daily activities.

As life at our world peace yoga retreat centre improves your life, take in the sounds of the beautiful birds, the holy river's trickling waters below, and the breathtaking views of our rainforest location. Take time to cherish your life and immerse yourself in the magic and mystery of yoga with the help of skilled and notably competent yoga instructors who are teaching from their hearts and the old & traditional lifestyle of yoga.

The yoga retreat is the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway, whether you are a novice or experienced yoga instructor. We'll give you the motivation to pay attention to your body and support you as you through your own personal transformation. For a beneficial lifestyle transformation, you'll learn about yoga, cleanse, pranayama, and meditation.

You will learn traditional hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, and pranayama breathing practises during your retreat to help you breathe correctly, rhythmically, deeply, and slowly in order to promote inner serenity and inner awareness. Additionally, meditation techniques are developed to train the mind or to induce a state of consciousness so that pupils can advance not just in terms of physical awareness but also in terms of their mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Price Of Retreat

  • Double Sharing :- 13999 INR

  • Private :- 16999 INR

Discipline Rules & Refund Policy

  • Alcohol and smoking are not permitted anywhere around the school.

  • To prevent food waste, you must let the kitchen manager know whether you will be fasting on any given day.

  • Keep your composure, respect your teachers, and obey all the regulations.

  • Always be on time; if you are late, you won't be able to join the class.

  • Before leaving for the day, return any borrowed books, maps, or items.

  • A student who enrols in yoga classes is accommodated by World Peace Yoga School.

  • Therefore, none of your friends or family members will be accommodated.

  • The student must show up for all of the World Peace Yoga School's scheduled events.

Refund Policy

  • Only in an emergency will students be allowed to join us on different schedules; an advance of course costs will not be refunded.

  • Only in an emergency will students be allowed to join us on different schedules; an advance of course costs will not be refunded.


Highlights Of The Retreat

This Yoga Retreat invites novices as well as cutting edge mediators as we tweak classes as per the adequacy and request of researchers. You have an opportunity to cooperate with individuals from various hallway of the world and various social orders. Our yoga retreat is particularly intended to provide you with the experience of profound unwinding, retouching, and transformation through both conventional and ultramodern types of yoga, and various contemporary thought rehearses. Simultaneously, you'll have the event to investigate the mystical strands of the swash Ganga, asylums, sanctuaries, lanes, and unique solicitations of Rishikesh.

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